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A Fair Start for Every Child

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Guildford's Local Plan

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A Million Jobs

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Good news for Slyfield!

IMG_1172The smells and flies caused by the sewage works have appeared repeatedly in Focus over the years so it is a real pleasure to be able to say that there has been a break through.

Thanks to the perseverance of Councillor Zöe Franklin, a new contact has been made at Thames Water who has acknowledged the problems and is actively working on options to try and improve things for local residents. 

More good news in the Slyfield area too – Guildford Borough Council has begun working on plans to build a link road from the back of Slyfield Industrial Estate to Clay Lane and the A3. Such a road should improve the severe traffic congestion at the junction of the A320 and the Estate.

Keep Clear

keep clearCouncillor Pauline Searle is extremely happy that the “Keep Clear” sign in Stoughton Road has finally been done.

Lib Dem Councillor Searle asked for the sign to be painted after multiple residents complained about the railway bridge being continually blocked by cars stopping on the bridge at peak times.

The bridge is one-way, so if cars stop on the bridge, traffic from the other side of the bridge cannot flow through when the lights change and the whole road comes to a standstill.

Pauline commented, “I hope this will be successful and relieve the problem. The situation will be monitored though as I have been told that people are sometimes ignoring the markings.”

Rubbish on the streets?

Many residents have complained to us about foxes tearing apart bin bags leaving a mess of rubbish on the streets.

If you see rubbish strewn across the road and pavement please report it to Customer Services on 01483 505050  or customerservices@guildford.gov.uk.

Guildford Liberal Democrats have also received complaints about wheelie bins being left out on the street past collection day. We can all help by putting our rubbish and recycling out the evening before collection and wheelie bins should be brought in after collection. So, if you know of houses that are abusing this please report it to Customer Services.

Councillor Caroline Reeves commented, ‘It’s such a shame when the guidance for wheelie bins isn’t followed, it can make things very difficult for those using wheelchairs or parents with pushchairs”

Kelly-Marie Blundell welcomes £15 million roof repair scheme for places of worship

Kelly-Marie Blundell has urged places of worship, including churches, mosques, temples, gurdwaras and synagogues serving Guildford to apply for a new £15million fund available for the repair of roofs and guttering.

The Coalition announced the Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund in the Autumn Statement and grants between £10,000 and £100,000 will be available to listed places of worship of all faiths and denominations across the UK, where roof repairs are deemed to be urgent and necessary.

Kelly-Marie Blundell said: “Places of worship play a huge part in many people’s lives in Guildford and this fund will help ensure some of our most significant buildings remain open as safe and sustainable places in our communities.

“I hope that some of them will be able to take advantage of the extra money available.”

Lib Dems call for Introduction of speed cameras on the A3

Accidents are happening in the Guildford urban section of the A3 far too often and each time the delays mean that traffic in the adjoining parts of Guildford comes to a standstill.

Guildford Liberal Democrats are calling for an introduction of speed cameras to help stop this. 

There is a 50mph speed limit on that part of the road which is frequently ignored. There are also a number of junctions, some of them with no slip roads, which make the A3 road even more dangerous.

There are plans to do work on the road, but those plans aren’t due to happen for some years.

Road users and people who live in Guildford cannot wait that long. 

It is important that safety work is carried out without delay, and this must include speed cameras to uphold the speed restrictions.

So we are calling on the Highways Agency to install speed cameras and  safety signs in the Guildford urban section of the A3 as a matter of urgency.

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